#france2013 Прогулки по Парижу. На Монмарте


Spirit of Paris walkDon't worry about it.

The thought of tourist walks came to my head once again, when one of the familiar complained that Paris was " so " , that there was nothing in it that tourists everywhere were dark, that food was not impressed, and that, in fact, " a lot of noise from nothing " . This was the last drop, because my Paris in my own eyes was completely different: good old-fashioned, yet progressive and horrific; expected to be beautiful and unexpectedly different; sizeable, cozy and, at the same time, dynamic and large. But in all his posters, in every weather and in any mood, he's equally beautiful and inspiring.

And since I'm not a greed, the decision to share with others was easy for me. Spirit walks of Paris are my own view of a city where there is no place for stereotyping, conditionality, biased opinion or crowd of tourists.

The idea of being a hyd in such an ultra-popular like Paris. It certainly doesn't claim originality. It's also a fresh decision to tell me about historical monuments, monuments and sign addresses. That is why it was imperative for me to add to Spirit of Paris a raisin that would distinguish my project from others.

What's the speciality of the spirit of Paris?

- I don't tell you how to walk in advance is a surprise;
- I don't drive more than three people (but there are exceptions - they need to be discussed individually);
- attention is not a tour, i.e. a walk whose purpose is to enjoy the atmosphere of the city.

What won't happen at Spirit of Paris?

- There will be no lectures, dozens of dates and names, just the most important thing to remember.
- There will be no more vegetated seats like Triumph Arch and Eiffel Tower;

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