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What To See In The Fig

We've already written about what we can see in one day in Paris. Below, you will find a model route and a two-day travel map for Paris. And if you want, you can order us to organize your weekends in Paris.

First day in Paris

We invite you to visit the Eiffel Tower first. Look at her from Trokadero's square, then go up to the tower.

So you'll get back to the Eiffel Tower and Trokadero. Now step towards the Mars fields. There's a little picnic here, and a pretty picture. Go ahead on the Mars fields to the Military School. Turn left and go ahead, you'll end up with the Invalids. Keep going, this time in the direction of Sena. You're going to the most beautiful bridge of Paris, Alexander III Bridge.

On your way forward, you'll see Gran Pal and Petty Pal, and you'll be on the Elysey Fields. On your right, there will be the Area of Congreement, and on the left side of the Triumph Ark.

which you can easily reach.

It's all possible to walk, see a lot of interesting things on the way, as well as to look at the boutique windows on the Elysey fields or go inside.

If you don't have much time, or you don't like walking, you're suggesting the following route: coming back to the Sena ship to the Eiffel Tower, get up to the Trokadero, here is the closest to the Eiffel Tower. The 6th branch of the subway will bring you to Triumph Arca, looking at her, keep walking on the Elysian fields. You'll see the same merit as the first route.

Day 2

Start your second day from Notre Dame. On the right bank of Sen, two steps from the Sobor of the Paris Bocomateri are the mayor. Paris and Centre The modern art of George Pompidou. These objects need to be seen.

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