Франция в миниатюре-парк

Parks In The Ferry

The French capital is glossed with interesting features: galleries, museums, palaces and monuments. However, to visit Paris and not to walk through the shadows of local parks and gardens is not easy. There's more than four hundred parks, squares and gardens. Among them are the 10 most popular and beautiful.

Luxembourg garden

The sink in a green park is located in a Latin block near Sorbonne. They built it in the 17th century at the request of Maria Medici, the wife of Henry IV.

The garden has an unusual planning. It is divided in half and implemented in English and French style. A lot of statues can be seen in the surroundings of trees and carpets (Bethoven, Maria Medici, Baudelaire, Verlena, George Sand), as well as animal sculptures, Observatory bronze fountain and Medici fountain. At the park's feet, you can often see students with books spending time here between couples in Sorbonne. And this place is a great place to go out with children, and there are special playgrounds for them, and in the fountain, ships can be launched.

Sad Tuilri

The garden is located in the center of the city, near Sena and Louvre. It was created in the middle of the 16th century by the order of Catherine Medici. The famous architect André Lenotre attached his hand to the geometrical image of the park. There are many historical structures in the garden, the Orangerie Museum and the Jeu de Paume gallery, in which many interesting works can be found, including the famous Claude Mone shoes.

To get into Tuilri's garden, we need to get out on Tuileries' metro station.

Park But Shomon

The park appeared in a former career, thanks to the city prefect of Baron George Osman and the landscape design master Jean-Sharle Alfan.

In addition to emerald gasons, exotic handicrafts and trees, the Territory steals the temple of Siville, high rocks and a large artificial lake. There's also a restaurant in the park, children's attachments and two theatres. One of them (Le Theatre guignol Anatole) has worked for more than 110 years. Every year, at the beginning of the fall, the park becomes the site of a short-metre festival called Silouettes.

Büt-Shomon is at Buttes Chaumont.

Park Monsuri

The park on the left bank of Sen was established in English on behalf of Napoleon III. It was originally made for the rest of students from a nearby university town. You can see students on the weekends running through the park alleys. And in the afternoons, there are tourists and local people with children walking on green lights.

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