Париж и его виды

To Visit The Bet

Keep the answer.

3. Theme: First time in Paris. What to see where to go?

Two weeks in Paris is great! I can give you a couple of ideas, but I'm gonna like something. Well, how did Cora_v notice, would it be good to know what interests you had? Like art, shopping, sports...? What time are you going to be there?

So, except for Louvre, I suggest:

Museum Roden (Road sculpture garden with this view, Eiffel)

♪ Paris Catacombs.

Nice streets like rue Montorguiel, rue Mouffetard, rue des Martyrs, rue Lepic, canal St. Martin

♪ I love Montmartre gently. It's a very beautiful part of Paris, so you can visit Museum Erotism and Museum of El Salvador Dali.

- Per-Lashes' Cladder is hitting his sad beauty. On the same day, the market can be visited in the Bastille area (on Thursdays and Sundays). The market is small, but cute. And the prison itself is gone, completely destroyed.

♪ If you're interested in the style of Parisan, I suggest you visit the tiny Bercy Village. Parisans drink coffee and wine after work. And there's a very beautiful park.

♪ Chopping lovers will like La Defiance's center. And the architecture is impressive.

Actually, I'd try to rent a car and get out of Paris for 3-4 days. Like Brittany. Or Luar's castle... ♪

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