Это одна гостиница, где Лувр

Where's The Luv

150 metres from the Pyramides Metro stop Paris Lover (Lumen Parigi Louvre) is in an ideal area from which it is easy to reach the prestigious. Boutiques on St. Orore Street (rue Saint Honor) and Royal (rue Royale): Cartier, Chanel, Armani, Dior, Colette..., Palé-Royal (Palais Royal), Louvre with his old treasures and the most beautiful Avenue in the world, the Elise Poles (Avenue des Champs Elyseyes) with the unparalleled Place de la Congaria (Place).

From the Lumen Paris Hotel (Lumen Parigi) it is possible to walk to the Louvre, the Orangeri Museum (Orangerie), the Museum of Decorative Arts, as well as to move Senu to Museum of Orse (Musaye d’Orsay)♪ Several stops of the subway separate the hotel from the Saint-German de Pré (Saint Germain des Prís), from the Maré quarter, the Eiffel Tower and the famous Paris Bonomatery (Notre-Dame de paris)

The Lumen Paris Louvre (Lumen Parigi Louvre) is located two steps from the capital ' s finance centre, where the Paris Stock Exchange is located and numerous financial institutions.


- The Lyon Station (Gare de Lyon), line 14, go to the third stop of Pyramides.
- St. Lazar station (Gare Saint Lazare), line 14, go to the third stop of Pyramides.
♪ East Station (Gare de l’Est), line 7, go to the seventh stop of Pyramides.
- North Station (Gare du Nord), bus No. 48 or subway 4 to East Station (see above).
- Station Monparnasse, line 12, go to the ninth stop on Madeleine, sit on line 14, go to the first stop: Pyramides

Fixed-wing aircraft

Charles de Gaulle International Airport (Charles De Gaulle) sit on the RER B train to Shatle (Chwtelet), sit on the subway (line 14) and go to the first stop of Pyramides, which is 150 metres from the hotel. Or sit on the Roissybus train to Orira and then on bus Nos. 21 or 95 before the Pyramides stop, the hotel can also be accessed to a cab.

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