схема Лувра

Lover Plan

Карта подробную схему Лувра на русском языке.

The Luvra detailed poetry is now Russian. The scheme has the most significant exhibits required to attend. We thank Yuri Panushkin for the supplies.

The map is a detailed outline of the Louvre in Russian, as well as the maps of Turkey, Germany, Egypt and other countries. Maps of cities, countries and areas.

Case maps
Louvre (third floor)

The third floor of the Louvre is completely taken under a painting gallery. Half a dozen French, German, Danish, Flemish, Belgian, Swedish and Russian masters are gathered here.

Louvre (second floor)

On the second floor, the museum laid down a collection of European arts covering the period of the medieval to the 19th century, the continuation of the Egyptian collection, the art of the bronze age and the collection of the towels of Italian and French artists.

Louvre (first floor)

On the first floor of the Louvre, there is a French sculpture meeting from the 5th to 19th century, a collection of antiquities (Mesopotamia, Iran, Lebanon), an anti-Greek, Egypt and an Italian sculpture from the 16-19th century.


The Louvre Plan, indicating the entrances and titles of buildings in the museum complex. It should be noted that, if there is a museum map (acquired in specialized stores), the Louvre can enter not only through the unknown Pyramid, but also through the Recel Corps. Given the huge turns that are periodically erected at the entrance, the existence of such a map greatly facilitates the life of a traveller. In addition, please note that, in some days, the Louvre is open until ten o'clock in the evening, which is very convenient!

See the route to Louvre
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