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Музей Карнавале в ПарижеAs is well known, there are many different museums in the French capital. Some of them like Louvre or Museum of Orsewhich is widely known, others know only a few, but certainly very interesting.

The latter is the Museum of History of Paris, the Museum of Carnavalet. The people of the French capital are very fond of him, considering the " most Paris museum " .

But tourists visit him much less, although the rich collection and free entrance would need to attract more attention.

Museum Carnaval, entrance to the house No. 23 on Sevinier Street, next to Fran-Burjois Streethas a remarkable display of Paris ' s history from the city ' s inception to the underwear of the era, thanks to an excellent collection of paintings, sculptures, arts and archaeological discoveries.

In the two beautiful buildings of the Renessance era, the mansion of Karnaval and the Le Peletier Mansion, surrounded by a beautiful garden, the museum certainly deserves the attention of tourists.

At the museum, 140 rooms whose exhibits cannot be examined once, so a phased plan should be taken and the most prominent places should be selected on their own.

On the first floor, the collection of shop and hotel signs XIX and the beginning of the twentieth century, the mocks of Paris for different centuries, as well as the maps and plans that demonstrate clearly the extent to which Baron Osman ' s large Boulevards have altered the city ' s identity.

Парижский музей КарнавалеIn the recently rebuilt orange, the museum has produced an impressive collection of neolitha discoveries, including wooden shuttles from land during construction work on the Seine bank in the 1990s.

On the second floor of the Carnavale Musee Carnavalet Museum, samples of decorative art are displayed. The salons and bears of different ages are represented, from Ludovic XII to Ludovic XIV, stolen by goblins and wooden panels with a rich slaughter, all of them were moved from buildings that were demolished during the construction of large bulvars.

Маркиза де СевиньеRoom 21 is devoted to the famous Madame de Sevinier, living in the Karnaval Mansion, who celebrated her letters to her daughter, in which she described the life of a privileged person in the era of Louis XIV. There is a Chinese laced written table belonging to Madame de Sevinier, as well as its portraits and its moderns, such as Mollier and Cornell. Rooms 128-148 focus mainly on the laundry of the era.

Музей Карнавале Парижский особняк Ле-Пелетье
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