Hallucination partielle. Six images de Lenine sur un piano, 1931

Paris Museum Of Modern Art

The National Museum of Modern Arts in Paris (French name Musée National d'Art Moderne) is located at the Georges Pompidou Centre, whose exhibitions can be visited by the escalator.

The museum works daily, except Tuesday from 11 a.m. to 9 a.m.; cost of visiting 7 euros; museum and exhibitions 11,40 euros, free of charge on the 1st Sunday of each month.

Consider that your ticket is designed for a one-time visit, so you can't, say, go out to the Centre's café and go back. The Museum ' s collection is almost entirely representative of the visual arts of the twentieth century: the sixth floor is devoted to the period 1905-1960 and the fifth is from 1960 to date.

Copies of architectural projects and furniture of modern designers are also provided on the fifth floor. The museum ' s exhibit is so thoughtful and saturated that, unlike other larger Paris museums, the museum seems to be able to look calmly and carefully in just a few hours.

It should also be noted that the permanent exposure is constantly changing, so the review proposed below may not be entirely consistent with what you will see.

Fovism, cubism and dadaism

The museum ' s colony begins on the sixth floor of the Phoeuvres ( " dicich " ) - artists ' groups, including André Derena, Maurice Vlaminca and George Braca, which, at the beginning of the twentieth century, merged around Henri Mathiss and works that are bright with paints not always appropriate to the actual colours of the objects.

For example, in George Braca " Estac " (1906) in room No. 2 the main instrument for composing is colour: trees and sky fall into red and green lean squids. Another striking example is Mathiss Lux 1, where the red naked figures remind primitive figures on the paintings of Gogen.

Парижский государственный музей современного искусстваA " primitive man " , in harmony with nature and undisputed civilization, served as the main theme not only for those artists but also for Picasso. Based on the strong impression of African masks and sculptures, Picasso became embodying the art form in geometrics, building cubism.

In the picture of " Women sitting in the chair " (1910) in room No. 3, the image of the nature is simultaneously displayed under different angles of view, forming a complex design and giving the impression of movement. Picasso has a half-track of Braca, Naturmort with a violin (1911), Guitare Man (1914) and others.

Современное искусство Современное искусство Национального музея Современное искусство музея Картина Незнакомый голос (Василий Кандинский)

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