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Smart Place Paris Hostel & Budget HotelParis, France

8, 1

Very good.

1.45 feedback

The Youth Hostel Smart Place Paris is located in the centre of Paris, 100 metres from the Metro Gare station du Nord and North Station.

A fresh host with a good cozy design and rooms... 4+ p.s. hipsters would particularly like )

- Mikhail Russia

Paris, France

8, 0

2 007 feedback

This hostel is located in the centre of Monmartra, only 50 metres from the Anvers Metro station and 600 metres from the Sacre-Ker base. The guests have a common kitchen and a desk football game room.

“The existence of kitchens, laundry, convenient location, irration... prior to and after registration. ”

Le Regent Hostel Montmartre Hostel & Budget Hotel- DARIYA Kazakhstan

6, 1

Evaluation of feedback

700 feedback

From the youth host, Peace and Love opens a view on St. Martin's Paris Canal. It has a pub and free Wi-Fi. The youth host of Peace and Love has common and separate numbers.

"The girl on the track speaks Russian. There was a... pay-off. Hostel is near the subway.

- Alexey Russia

4, 8

676 feedback

Hostel Jacobs Inn in Parisopposite the Barbes Rochechouart subway station, only five minutes from the North Station. The guest room is free Wi-Fi.

Peace & Love HostelThe subway. There's a diner. Very clean and quiet. Wow... this morning. Well, for one night, it's great!

- Elena Russia

7, 9


1.807 feedback

Hostel is only 20 minutes away from Port-de-Versal Exhibition Center. The guests have common and separate numbers with free Wi-Fi, and desk football and common laundz with. ♪ ♪

“I liked everything: staff, numbers, located in a great area.”

- Alex Ukraine

7, 6

260 feedback

Jacobs Inn HostelThis small host is located in the Montparnas residential area, only 550 metres from the Alesia Metro station. The guests have a 24-hour-a-day registration desk and common numbers with free Wi-Fi.

"Christo and cozy. Nice shower in the room. There's an indie... light and pink! Metro and supermarkets by side)

- Natali Davidova Macedonia

8, 3

1 637 feedback

The Vintage Gare du Nord is located in the Ninth District of Paris, only 500 metres from the Northern Railway Station and 15 minutes from the Mulen Rouge cabaret.

"Numer's clean. C/Out is clean and with a new pimp... o. Nice impressions from being in Paris. ♪

- Alla France

608 feedback

This hostel is located in the 20th district of Paris, only 500 metres from the Belleville subway station (lines 2 and 11). Loft Boutique is provided with free Wi-Fi.

"A very welcoming staff, always willing to help! Calling as a pleasant place!

Arty Paris Hostel & Budget Hotel Enjoy Hostel Vintage Hostel Gare du Nord The Loft Boutique Hostel
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