Показ Christian Dior на Неделе Высокой моды в Париже

Museum Born In Paris

Музей Родена, ПарижAddress: 79, rue de Varenne
Metro: Varenne or Invalides RER: Invalides
Time of work: daily from 10:00 to 17:45, closed Mondays
Entrance: 6, only entrance to garden 1, up to 18, free

The great House of the Invalids, on the corner of the Invalid Boulevard and the quiet street of Varenn, is a luxury mansion. It's impossible to ignore him, because the garden fence is marked by the sculptures known to all.

This building in 1908-1917 served as a house for a distinguished French sculptor, August Roden, and two years after his death, his museum was opened in 1919.

A Rococo house built in the late 17th century changed a number of owners in history, a rich buyer changed Marshal Biron whose name, by the way, is now wearing that mansion. At the beginning of the 19th century, it had a Russian embassy and then a female convent.

At the end of the 19th century, the mansion of Biron went into the hands of the Paris authorities, which began to hand over him to artists. The walls of this house were seen by the dancer of Icedore Duncan, an artist of Henry Mathiss, a poet Jacques Cocto. In 1908, a great sculptor of August Roden entered him. The memory of him today is cherished in the rooms and halls of a great house museum.

The entrance to Roden's Museum is located on Varenn Street, where tickets are sold in the glass pavilion. There are two options: buy a ticket. to see the garden or a slightly more expensive, complex, inspection, garden and mansion ticket. There's a Russian audio hyde.

There's a park of three hectares around the house that can be wandered for hours. Pyramidal tombs, cut in the right geometric features of the bushes, gorgeous roses and flowers. In the natural decorations, the green trees open here the masters of the French genius.

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