Popular Parasites

Specially for those who are tired of the popular tourist routes and the virtues of Paris, and want to see the city on the other hand, propose 10 alternatives for the duration of the extension.

1. Start a day with the most delicious eclairs in Paris.

The most popular eclair L’Éclair de Génie, located in the Mara quarter, offers many variants of famous cake. Vanillas, malines, pistachios, chocolates: adorable torment in the mouth of sweets so delicious, the most important thing is to get away from them in time!

Best eclairs in Paris

2. Get in the sky in the air balloon.

Andre Citroen's park can do this. In addition to being able to see the city's panorama in only 12 euros from the height of avian flight, the most normal walk here will be as happy as possible.Лучшие эклеры Парижа Fabulous gardens with ducks, mini-waterfalls and fountains, urban residents love to spend time surrounded by wildlife. So it's not a good opportunity, by accident in the park, to attend a hood master class, a group yoga class, a dance lesson, or even a movie.

3. Remember childhood at Spring Sea

This option is particularly suited to those who decided to visit Paris with the children. Original summer entertainment park Mer de Sable is a place where adults, together with babies, can forget about everything for half a day, including their shoes. You can walk in here, because it's all about real and clean sand. Park proposes animation of the highest class: a rally can be made through the desert, to be in the jungle of Africa or to be a cowboy of the Wild West.

4. Consider the Montmartre house.

Montmarter offers many inspirational opportunities, one of which is the love of original buildings. There are a lot of interesting, deserving housewives, one of the most popular being the green old Cubar of the Shadow Rabbit, where Picasso, Van Gogh and other famous people were buried.

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