Новая пешеходная зона в Париже


Sleeping and earning it is possible only with us, thanks to the partner program (Affiliate), online reservation: hotels in France, airport transfers, Paris tour guides, restaurants, cabaret: Lido, Mulen Rouge, entertainment parks: Disneyland, Asterex, in ParisEiffel Tower, a flight to the Sena ship and a lot of other... We can make a one-to-half bronze.

Who are we and what do we do?
We are a French agency hosting individual and group tourists in France. For more than 16 years, our motto and purpose has been to offer low-cost and qualitative visits to Paris and France! Our specialization is traveling to Paris and throughout France: the Lasour Bank, the Luara Valley, to Bretan and Normandy, Pireni and Alps. We accept individual tourists, school groups, palms tours, insensive groups, serve groups that come to various exhibitions and business trips. We'll drop the low-cost hotels as well as the high class, restaurants, cabarets, hydes services in Paris. We propose transport in Paris: transport to the airport, transfer from Lido or Mulen Rouge, driver car. We sell museum cards, entrance tickets to Disneyland entertainment parks, Astérix, France's fleet in miniatures, and other accessories, such as Aquapark, Sena Ship, Eiffel Tower, Graveen Museum and Montparnas Tower, at very competitive prices.

Who's who?
Lekier France Tours is the product owner (reviser), the owner of the website attached to your website.
Your agency is a salesman, otherwise the vitrina owner is a website to which our website is connected.

What's the partnership program based on?
The partnership programme is based on the contract that Lekier France Tours
- The owner of the product pays the owner of the Vitrina (Affiliat) commissions for the client ' s purchase of the service.

Who's this partnership program for?
This is a proposal for domain owners and administrators, websites www, and for travel agencies,

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