Почему я пойду в Лувр?

How Much Is The Entrance To The Lawn

You don't know why you need to visit the Louvre yet? Let's talk.

What's Louvre?

The Louvre is the museum, the largest in France, the world's largest, the third largest. Former royal palace, a huge monument to culture and architecture.

What? Louvre is interesting.?

The Louvre's huge collection includes Leonard da Vinci's masterpiece (if you're lucky, and you're winning Mona Lisa), a few rooms are dedicated to the ancients of Greece (will you visit Venus Miloskaya?), the ancient Egyptian (Hello to you from the Tutanhamon Fara, the European age of rebirth, of course, the French Art of all). Napoleon III's apartment has been preserved. And a lot, a lot of things.

Tell me, anything funny about Louvre?

The first is that, earlier (before becoming the royal palace), the Louvre was a large mid-wave castle of white stone and high towers. Probably with the flags and the princess in custody. But if we don't really know about the princess, there's a strong wall protecting Paris by historians. At the end of the medieval, the old Louvre lost his defence capacity and the influence of the era of revival, King Francis I ordered the castle to be destroyed and a new fine palace built. You did. But the bottom of the modern museum and found the remains of the old Louvre. So now all visitors can see the base, the first floor and several rooms of the old white castle. And now there are two Louvres.

And the second story. There's such a sculpture in the museum - Venus Arlesian. An ancient Greek statue. Found her in the sixteenth century. Don't believe it, but no hands. There's a feeling that the Greeks were just lazy with the goddess of their hands. But François Girardon's French retorter got her hands. Now you can compare the goddess before and after the restoration.

And such stories in Lover a million. What are you saying?

How long will I be standing in line at the Louvre?

In the next summer, it's possible to spend two or three hours a day, but it's if you want to enter the museum through the pyramid. There are other simpler and faster ways of entering the Louvre. We described them in the article: " 10 councils: how to get to the Louvre quickly and without waiting? "

How long does Louvre work?

The Louvre is open every day except Tuesday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. And on Wednesday and Friday, he works until 21:45. The museum does not operate on 1 January, 1 May and 25 December.

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