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Paris Photos

Photo: AFP

President of France François Olland Foto: AFP

Photos that sealed the moment when François Olland reported the attacks in Paris appeared online. At that time, the French President was at Stade de France Stadium

Photographs have appeared on the Internet, at which the moment when François Olland, President of France, reports of the attacks in Paris. At that point, the French President was in Stade de France, in the northern suburb of Saint-Deni, where the match between the French and German commands and there were also explosions. Photos where Olland reports a series of terrorist attacks in Paris, published the British edition Daily Mail.

They can see how Alland's bodyguard stumbles over the President's ear by telling him apparently what happened in the city.

This is the moment Hollande was told 'The country is under attack' https://t.co/B4KExPAm96

- Daily Mail Online (@MailOnline)

In addition to Olland, the head of MID Laurent Fabius and Minister for Foreign Affairs, FWG Frank-Walter Steinmeyer, also attended the stadium at the time of the attack. One of the explosions near the stadium was so strong that he was heard at the stadium itself, a moment that happened at about 21:17 local time, was sealed on television.

It was reported that the Head of State and senior officials had immediately been evacuated to a safe place. However, in another photograph, Olland speaks on the phone at the stadium security office, at this point at 21:36.

Tonight 13 November in Paris There's been a series of attacks. In the six areas of the French capital, terrorists carried out a series of explosions and shootings. 129 people were victims of all attacks, 352 others were injured and 99 of them were in serious condition.

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