Дешево в Париж

It's A Wig

Москва-Париж с AirBalticLet us tell you how cheap it is to get to Paris! All means of fiscal flight to the French capital from Moscow, Petersburg, Minsk, Riga and a number of other cities.

Traditionally, we are considering how to fly to the right city by using both classical airlines and, in the first case, the search for cheap Aviasails and Skyscanner airlines (most to be checked in both), the second option is almost always better to buy tickets on the Locoste-Aviacompani websites.

How to get to Paris from Moscow

From Moscow, airlines fly to Paris. We can get to Paris from the bottom. AirBaltic - tickets are between 8,000 and 9,000 roubles. You can choose different transplants up to 20 hours and spend a day in Riga. By the way, AirBaltic often has shares and discounts that make it cheaper to fly. You can find out about them on our website under "Trade tickets: shares and special proposals."

Air Moldova travels a little more expensive. They have tickets of 10,000. Tickets, both on stand-alone KLM flights and on flights in cooperation with Alitalia, range from 10,000 roubles.

UIA, together with airBaltic, also offers 11,000 tickets, just as easyJet and LOT. It's a little more expensive than a $12,000 Finnair airline ticket, and it's gonna cost a Lufthansa flight. There's so much to go with Belavia. There's a junction in Minsk, a flight of airbaltic with a long transplant in Riga, which can be used to look at this great city.

как съездить в париж дешевоIt's also quite cheap to get to Paris with Alitalia - tickets are worth 9,000.

Direct flights will average between 19 and 26,000 roubles. Flights without transplant are carried out by Transaero, Airofflot and Air France.

How to get to Paris from St. Petersburg

A low-cost flight from St. Petersburg to Paris is possible by the same airlines as from the capital and for the same prices: AirBaltic from 9,000, UIA together with AirBaltic (Kiev and Riga) between 9 and 10,000. Finnair is offering Pereburns and Northern Capital guests tickets a little cheaper than basketball: ticket costs start from 10, 5,000 instead of 12.

It is also possible to fly from Peter to the capital of France by KLM (11 thousand), SAS Scandinavian airlines (11, 5,000 roubles), Air France together with KLM (12,000), and Belavia and airBerlin aircraft (12,000). In addition, Airofflot, together with AirBaltic, offers tickets worth 13,000 roubles. In addition to the airlines listed, Lufthansa and Swiss (13 thousand) also offer their services.

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