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St. Sirk Lapopi is one of their most beautiful villages in France, located in the south-west of the country only 30 kilometres east of Kagor. Sen-Sirk-Lapopi is famous for his medieval ball, which is no longer where we are. ♪

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  • Sada Marquessaka

Sada Marquessac (Jardins de Marqueyssac), scattered on the Perigord hills, that in the French Department of Dordogne, they belong to the master of the garden arts. 22 hectares of land, county... ♪

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  • Fuurosco

Futuroscope is a park of optical attachments to the future. Here, with the latest cinematographic technology, huge screens, stereoscopic films and round curtains, you're moving into fantastic worlds, you're immersed. ♪

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  • Capella St. Chapel

Capella St. Chapelle is a gothic relic clock on the former royal palace on Cité Island in Paris. Capella has become the veritable development of the "best" Gothics in France and is rightly considered small with... ♪

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  • Paris Catacombs

The Paris Catacombs are an underground French crypt south of the former city gate. It contains the remains of about 6 million people who fill the repaired portion of the cave and tunnels, as they are recalled. ♪

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  • Versailles

Versal is a huge palace park complex in the suburb of Paris, former residence of French kings.

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  • Phontenblo

For four centuries, the palace of Fontenblo has remained one of the favoured residences of the French kings. In the Sena Valley, he attracted French monarchs surrounding his magnificent forests. In the Middle Ages in Fo...

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  • Sobor-parizhskoy-bogomateri Paris Bogomatter collection

Notre Dame de Pari is perhaps the most famous, most fascinating, most unusual cathotical instrument. It can be called the geographical and spiritual heart of France.

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  • Chart

The Chart is not only known as one of the masterpieces of the hotical architecture. It's the only cathedral in the world that's come to us in almost the same way since the construction of the XIIth to XIIIth century.

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