For businessmen and bankers, it is important to move closer to the quarters where they work. For example, those working in Defans, the main office area of Paris, often choose housing in the 15th district and suburbs.

"If your office is in Defans, you can choose one of the cities east of Paris: Rüey, Shatou, Wy, Mezon Lafaith, Bussi, Saint-German... These are pleasant towns, they're in a few minutes away from Paris on the fast track.

The office workers are also suited to the 8th, 17th and nearby suburbs, such as Bulon-Biangur. It's convenient to sit here if the subway line goes to work. Those whose office is on the right bank of Seine will be comfortable living in Levalla.

Information technology and insurance workers are often selected to live in the 13th district: it is easy to reach the 12th and 15th districts where many offices are located.

Marina Monprofi, head of the Russian-speaking customers department of Cabinette T2I, advises businessmen to buy housing in central districts: in districts 8 and 7, where there are many public institutions, as well as in the 16th, 9th and the Necquer (15th district).

For families with children, districts 15, 16 and 17

Семьи с детьми также часто селятся в пригородах, например, в Нёйи-сюр-Сен

Families often come to Paris. Immigrants with children should not buy close apartments in multi-human and noisy areas, more suitable for two bedrooms in a quiet quarter, near the park, shops and the subway station.

The 17th district, located near Monso Park and St. Lazar Station, will be in a hurry. There are schools with a good reputation and a lot of flats. This part of Paris has a small town's atmosphere, there's a market on Sundays, a lot of comfortable cafes.

Families are also perfect for the 15th district. Buildings in the area were largely built after the Second World War. In the north-west of the county, there's a lot of demand for a house with a view to Sena. Quarter Kovancion in the 15th district is more " provincial " than the rest (there are smaller restaurants and expensive boutiques), but the infrastructure is well developed and there are not too many foreigners. There is also an international person in this area.

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