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Marshruts On Parish

Автор отчета Анатолий на фоне Эйфелевой башни (слева) и Мулен Руж (справа)We've gone, we've published feedback from our own vacation travelers in Europe. The author of this report, Anatoly Alexandrovich. The photo is kindly provided by the author.

The trip was from 20 to 27 September 2014. The Trevel-k tourf in Moscow made a visa, bought tickets, ordered a hotel. Once upon all, they've squeezed time off.
The Aerofrance was hit. Transaero flew to Boing 777.
The host side met, rolled over the city and placed in the hotel. Gran Merci.
The slim number was all: a simple bed, a shower, a TV and a table closet. Smart, more than breakfast. How much did you pay? The volunteers have always come to a meeting.
The people of the African quarter didn't pay any attention to me like I was transparent.

By carrying out the first organized visit to Paris, he marked in the notebook and on the map of the city the directions for further tourism.
I decided to move around town only on foot. The average distance from the object to the map of 1 Russian converter. In the case of one hour ' s inspection costs, by the evening, 3 objects and 6 to 8 pawns are running out of smoke at a park shop. The Paris Marshrut was planning a standard one: Madame Steel, Louvre (0, 5 days), Montparnas, Grand Opera, etc. He was walking three hours on Per Lachez's cemetery. No tour is planned.

Собор Нотр-дам-де Пари (слева) и скан Иностранного языка в картинкахHow do you plan Paris?

It's hard to get lost in Paris if there's a map. The color on the map is shared by the county.
The sign on the house plate indicates the county on the map, followed by the name of the street on which the house and its number are registered. The house can stand on 3-4 streets right away. There's no parallels near the adjacent streets. The mass of direction indicators will show you where you need to go, but not the fact that it's gonna be around the corner. There's been a few more intersections on foot. A little lost, visited a beautiful, structured temple, listened to the mass, and completely unwritten to the organ game. So far, the powdery loves it.

Having a book of foreign languages in pictures on the hands of a pocket size, you can point at it, even if you want it. It's all decomplished in a thematic and understandable way. I'll send a copy.

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