Тут у нашего фотоаппарата

Pluter Walks


Examination point


Visiting sites


Visiting hours


Sit down.


3, 8




Latin quarter


2, 5



Lover - Area of Accord



Congreement area - Opera Garnier


2, 8



Odeon - Luxembourg garden - Bridge of Arts



Congreement area - Invalidov House


4, 2


Military school - Trokadero



Congreement area - Museum Jacquesmar Andre



Elyse fields

2, 3





Save and St. Louis Island

4, 5


Hotel de Vil - Bastille area



Quarter Maré


Pompidou Centre - Palé Royal

3, 4


Park Monso - Triumph Arca


2, 9

How to find your Paris
(Present to the launcher)

A question in the heading could be answered briefly - walk around and be considered in a hurry - and that chapter should be completed. But to our surprise, so many people do not follow this kind of obvious recommendation, which has to be explained in greater detail.

Paris, like any big city with a rich history, doesn't get too hunted by strangers. I mean, everything looks hospitality and good: a lot of air raids, an incredible number of hotels, menu restaurants in different languages, tourism offices, touring buses and ships, free booklets in museums. It would seem like the city was built on purpose for tourists and his whole life around them is spinning.

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