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Milan! Famous probes, favorite tits. Chaos and the capital's hurry, but not just. The secret evening of Leonardo is hidden, the stack of Sforceco's Castellalo will be dry, and, of course, with the squirrel, aerial gromad over the city of a glorious, beautiful Gotomo-di-Milano. And you want to walk again on the roof of the interspits, trying to figure out what stone saints look like to the city? What's Madonnin's golden singing about Madonnin, and what's the name of that joker who added to the Milan risotto shafran?

Roll audio and booklet at the end of the page.

About the tour.
Who and how Dumo founded, where Madonnin's gold came from, and what other works of art hide behind the walls of the marble temple.

Total tours 17 mp3 files
They sound about 45 minutes.
Look at the cathedral and get up on the roof, and spend about one and a half hours.

(Italian, English)

Six centuries of construction have failed: Duomo-di-Milano is not only one of the world ' s largest churches, but one of the most beautiful.

In numbers, in fact
Date of base: 1386
Phase completion: 1813
Architecture: Gothics and Neo-Gotica
Number of roof towers: 135
Number of statues outside: 2,245

That's interesting.
Madonna's golden statue on Doomo's spy has long been the highest point in town. So far, at the height of Doomo, only the skyscrerum of Pirelli has fallen, and a copy of Madonnie has also been sent.

How to get
Piazza del Duomo

Working mode
Collection: daily 08.00-22.00 pnth, interrupted 17.00 - 18.30 p.m.

Collection: free
Museum Dumo: 2 EUR
Rat: elevator 13 EUR, foot 8 EUR

How to act
Doomo-di-Milano is an active admirer. Keep quiet and don't break the bonds of believers.

Closed shoulders, short short shorts and skirts are not allowed.

Access to the apsy, a long part of the assembly, only in certain hours. For individual visitors, p. 13.15-16.40. On Saturdays and Sundays, access to the apsy is restricted only during the service.

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