Как снять квартиру в Париже

Living In A Low-Cost Loop

I'm looking for a place in Paris, I'm gonna go to a room for 3-4 months! Thank you all for telling the options!

Looking for a place in Paris. Preferably in the center. Four people. Write in personal reports.
Thank you.

Hello. Paris A 27.10 to 02.11. Looking for a super-budgeted housing option. Who says what?

Hello, everyone! We're looking for housing and Paris from 23 to 25 November.

Hello, I'm looking for a room or someone for a subsection and I'm counting to 250 euros for a long time!

Help the fireman. There are two of us and we want to come to Paris on 25 November. We're students, at least one room is small. Don't say anything? In general, to be low

I'm looking for someone to rent a studio on the floor or not an expensive apartment.

Hey, everybody, my friend and I will be in Paris from 31 October to 7 November, looking for housing.

Due to the high rate of the euro, all tourists are granted a residence discount -10 per cent

room after repair, description in a attached top post.

The presented object (the insulated room in a girl in four quarters of Paris) is occupied: in October, from 16 to 19, from 29 to 31, in November: to 2, from 8 to 12, 15 to 23.

The room (four quarters of Paris, "Mare, 50 per day for one person, 60 for two) is reserved: in September, from 14 to 19, in October, from 1 to 4, from 17 to 20.

The Margarita Room is reserved in August: 18-21, 26-31.
September: 19-22.

The Margarita area is occupied until 2 July, in August, from 4 to 11, from 26 to 1 September. (Summary description: Paris Centre, 4 quarters of "marais, isolated room, keys, Fai, all conveniences. 50-1, 55th.

In August, Margarita ' s room (the two in the centre of Paris in four quarters of "Maret," all conditions, keys, Wye Faye, etc., the price of 50 to 1, 55 persons ) was reserved from 4 to 11 and from 26.08 to 01.09 September.

French plates

The guests of Paris! Don't buy me a subway ticket outside the Arab entrances! They sell undervalued tickets, but these tickets have been purchased by a special tariff giving discounts to large families of children (their are sold to Arab spas of these large families).
If you and this ticket are going to be in control, you'll be fined 30!
Don't chase cheap.
One ticket 1, 70. Ten tickets (carne) to 12, 5.
Enjoy your rest in Paris.

The group's wall is empty.

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