Лувр в Париже

Lover Address

The LUVO (Sanct Petersburg) offers to buy a p/e film, to buy a polyethylene sleeve black, white or transparent, for greenhouses and construction.

Your attention is also: the production and sale of polyethylene sleeves, semi-characterized and high-quality. Production and sale in St. Petersburg of garbage bags and packages at low prices. Individual purchase orders for manufacture and delivery from SPB.


Wyborg office and warehouse. :

g. St. Petersburg, Ule, Arsenal 78, Quarta Business Centre,
Office 225, LUV

Hours of work: 9 to 6 p.m. Friday from 9 to 5.
Saturday and Sunday weekends

Moscow office and warehouse. :

Address: St. Petersburg, Oul. Rochinsky 2A, LUV

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