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Gid On Paris

Paris is one of the largest cities in the world where every square metre has a history. It's a town that's surrounded by different secrets, and where you can just lose and not notice a lot of interesting things. For citizens of Russia and former Union republics who do not speak French, it is quite simple. However, Russian guides in Paris It will help prevent it. Having had a lot of experience with a variety of guided tours in their Bacgraunds, private guides in Paris, many of which had their own automobile, were ready to show the French capital and, importantly, to report it. For example, it may be difficult to deal with what the legendary Monmarter is wearing, or to do an automobile survey tour of unexplored urban areas.

Someone must want to walk around the places described in Alexander Dum's legendary novels, who read almost every one. Someone might be afraid of their own lack of knowledge of the French language, and with English, sometimes there are problems for locals. All of this is easy to decide through Russians in Paris♪ They have the same good knowledge of both Russian and French languages, while there is also a large number of information about a Paris area. This automatically makes it easier to stay in the French capital. It should be emphasized at once that individual hydes in Paris are not a waste of money, but one of the best and most interesting ways to meet a city that is unforgivable to the capital of the world.

Russian hydes are represented on this page in Paris. You can see the guided tours proposed. in Paristo read about them.

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It's very difficult for tourists to seek help from Juliy Smirnova.
When I first met her, it turned out to be a very non-binding employee whose word cannot be relied upon and who doesn't give a damn about tourists.
2 August 2012 17:51
Elena, thank you for that eloquent feedback. You may not have received as much attention as you expected, as at the time when you had a trip to my son for a few days. Good night.Julia
12 February 2013 21:43
I really don't think you're telling Larissa that she has 26 reviews of France's stories not at the GAL summit that we chose her.ira
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