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Culturally Historical Values Of Password Presentation

Округ Лез-Андели на берегу Сены фотографии ФранцииFrance is the most charming and beautiful country in Europe. There's a rare cultural heritage here, the mountain landscapes of the white Alps are adjacent to the flowing valleys and vineyards, the magnificent beaches of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic attract many tourists, medieval locks and the magnificent palaces of their beauty. Every town or place in France is beautiful and unique.


Paris is the capital of France from X to X, her heart and focus of the French scar and romantic. The beautiful places and historic monuments meet in Paris literally every step, and they can be listed indefinitely:

Собор Парижской Богоматери на острове Сите фото ПарижаCité Island is the centre of the city where the famous Paris Bogomatters Cathedral is the masterpiece of the cathotical architecture, which has been built by many writers and artists.

The right of the Sena bank is focused on the main features of Paris. The world ' s most famous and largest museum is the former royal residence of the Louvre, which has collected over 300,000 jobs of different ages and styles in its walls. The triumph of Charles de Gaulle, the most beautiful street of France and the world, the Elysian fields with the Palace of Elysia (President ' s residence), the area of harmony with the ancient Hippet Luxorian Colony, the opera theatre of Garnier, the world ' s largest, the most admirable garden of Tyilri.

Фото панорамы Лувра

The left shore of the Seine has hosted the symbol of Paris, the Eiffel Tower, the Praise of Pantheon with the Tombs of Wolter, Kuri, Guigo and other great men of France, the University of Paris of Sorbonne, 1215, of the construction of the Church of Sorbonne and the landing site of Cardinal Richelier.

One more beautiful place in Paris, the highest of Monmartre or the Hole of martyrs, which has become a symbol of French culture, the refuge of musicians and artists. Monmartra's symbol is a great sacre-Kur base.

Елисейские поля в Париже фото с высоты Фотография ночной панорамы Эйфелевой башни в Париже Базилика Сакре-Кёр на Монмартре фото Парижа Фотография Версальского дворца во Франции
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