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Per-Lashes Cadaver

This is one of the most attractive places in Paris, where we can " stand by the shoulder " with literary geniuses such as Prust and Balsak, or leave a kiss on Oscar Wilde's tomb. Jim Morrison is buried here, too, and to his grave, filled with cigarette lights, flowers and alcohol girlands, rose fans are doing “music pilgrimage”. The thin alleys and crows of scream make a walk on Per-Lashes the most atmospheric in Paris. When you go to the Twentieth District, go to two or three lines Per-Lashes, and don't forget to pay tribute to Philippe August.

Modern Art Museum of Paris

To assess the culture of Paris ' s surrealism, visit permanent exhibits. Museum of Modern Art♪ Starting with the big bowl of Brac and the Mathis dancers, you're gonna find something that's gonna blow your feelings. Sit on the 9th line and go on the Alma Marso station.

Alliger market

Look at the best local products on the Alger market. The mountains of cheese, meat shops and flowers will leave an unconscious impression after the trade rows. Stop for a drink of Bordeaux's glass or eat a crisp bike. Go to Lendru Rollen eight lines of the subway and go to the Alger market.

Holy Heart base

This luxury church of white marble haunts a lively Montmarter in 18th district. The baseball interface steals gold mosaics and colored vibes. That's where you can hear the call of one of the hardest bells in the world. It's free to visit the baseball itself, and the dome and the sclepa research cost money.

Paris Paris Paris

Museum Karnaval

Here you will touch the history of Paris, from its origins, moving smoothly to transform the city into a fashion capital and to our days. There's no fee to attend the permanent collection of the museum, and you can walk around the old living room reconstructed in barocco. The nearest St. Vert and St. Paul subways.

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