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Paris France

Of the eight terrorists who died last night in the northern and suburbs of Paris, seven were able to detonate explosive devices: three near Stade de France, three inside the Bataclan concert hall, another exploded on the Volter Boulevard. The eighth terrorist was shot at in the storm of the Bataclan building by a French special forces.

President Alland said that the identity of all parties to the night terrors was already known to the authorities.
The police continue to search for accomplices and have opened hotlines for witnesses who can provide information to assist in the investigation.

In the last night, terrorists attacked six locations in northern Paris:
- La Belle équipe on Sharon Street.18 killed)
- at Le Carillon bar and Le Petit Cambodge on the corner of Bisha and Aliber Street (at least 12 killed)
La Casa Nostra on Fonten Street about Rua
(5 killed)
- On the Volter Boulevard.
- Bataclan concert hall at the Volter Boulevard (number of deaths estimated at 80 to 112)
♪ At the Stade de France stadium on the Jules Rome front in the suburbs of Saint-Deni (the death of four people, three identified by the police as suicide bombers)

The Office of the Prosecutor of Paris reports 83 Persons in serious condition and 132 moderately affected.

CNN refers to the Ministry of Internal Affairs of France to 153 deaths, including 112 killed in the Bataclan concert hall, where approximately 1,500 people were present during the California Eagles of Death Metal. When the terrorists started shooting in the hall, the musicians were on the stage. They were able to leave the building before the French Special Forces storm began.

France has declared a state of emergency. Border controls have been established for a month at all points of entry. Military and police reserve mobilization is reported.

American Airlines has announced the cancellation of flights to Paris.
Three Belgian tourist companies - Jetair, Sunjets.Be and Thomas Cook - offered their customers full returns for past purchases and tickets to France.
The President of Iran, who was going to arrive in Paris on Monday, as part of his first European visit, refused to travel.

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