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Paris City Of Merit

I'm Amitel, Tatiana Gladkova.

AA Amitel prepared a brief overview of Paris ' s most famous features, which do not constitute a crime.

Paris - City-star. The symbol of love and romance, fashion and beauty. The city of revolution and freedom. It's inspired by artists and writers. They fall in love at once and forever.

But today it's a city where there's a big tragedy. All over the world will be grieved with those who lost their loved ones on the night of 14 November.

Paris has been through a lot of mourning dates. And every time, there was a city that was admiring.

IA's Amitel's editorial reminds me of the great stories that can only be seen in Paris.
Notre Dame de Pari or Paris Bogomatteri

Notre Dame de Pari or Cobor of the Paris Bogomatteri admired his novel of Victor Hugo. The classic was meant to burn in French the love of the cathedral, and it was perfect. Today, it is one of Paris ' s main features and one of the masters of the world ' s cathotical architecture. The tourists put him on the list of mandatory visits. They say that the cathedral contains one of the nails that smashed the cross for Jesus Christ's crucifixion.


Talking to Paris, implying Louvre. Palace with a long eight-century history and a French architecture monument. The Museum comprises six divisions: antiquity, ancient Egypt, the ancient East, sculpture, arts, painting. The painting is presented by artists from different schools: French, Spanish, Dutch, Flemish, Italian, German.

There's no way to list all the Luvra's treasures, there's about 400,000 objects in his exhibit catalogue. It took years to take a detailed look at all the museum halls. The most famous parts of the world are stored here. Joconda Leonardo da Vinci, Venus Miloskaya and Nick Zamofraki. Only over 3,000 thousand visitors per year. And the glass pyramid built at the end of the twentieth century became one of the symbols of Paris.

Eiffel Bashny

The French tower itself became the main symbol of France. She's on the marsov field and named after her designer, Gustaf Eiffel. It was built in 1889. The height of the new antenna is 324 metres, compared to the house in 81 floors. Even a hundred and twenty years later, it remains the highest building in Paris and the fifth highest in France. I don't think there's a tourist who's gonna ignore the tower or at least seal it in the photo.

Elyse Fields

The Elyse field is one of Paris's main streets. It takes its beginning from the area of Agree and ends near the Triumph Arki. Now, this place is a lot called the center of Paris glamour. According to rumors, the real estate prices in the Elysian fields are so high that there were only six people in Paris who can afford to live there all the time. Buildings are occupied by the offices of the most famous companies, restaurants, cinemas and expensive boutiques, which seek the pilgrimage of millions of fashioners from around the world.

Triumph arch

Another symbol of Paris. She was ordered to air Napoleon Bonaparte in honor of her victory in the Austerlic battle in 1805. By the way, Napoleon himself didn't see that creation. The construction of the monument started in 1806 and lasted 30 years.

Arca is stolen by giant barelefs: "Austerlitz," "Marcelles," "Beed at Abukire," "Triumpf Napoleon," "Marco funeral, "Mir" et al. It also includes 128 names of battery and 558 French officers. Triumph arches have border-crossed tumbs connected with alien chains. Tumb is exactly 100, in honor of 100 days (from 20 March to 22 June 1815) of Napoleon I ' s secondary rule.

Today, the triumph of Paris is the largest in the world. Its height is almost 50 m, the height of the 29 m and 45m wide. There's a museum inside the Monument, and upstairs, a viewing site with which an amazing view of the city opens.

Mulen Ruj

To go to Paris and not to visit Mulen Rouge's cabaret, the same thing as not to see Eiffel Tower is said by the French. The name "Mulen Rouge" is transferred from French as "Red Melner." On the roof of a building near Monmartrom, you can see a red windmill.

It's on the stage of this night's cabaret that a traditional French cancan was born.

The date of birth of Mulen Ruj is 6 October 1889. On this day, gentlemen Oller and Zidler first open the doors of the Ballen Rouge cabaret and accept their first visitors.

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